Successful Biodanza pilot with elderly and children

The Friends of Biodanza Foundation promotes Biodanza for special groups worldwide. This involves people who have difficulty deciding independently about whether or not to participate in Biodanza, such as elderly with dementia and children. They depend on escorts or caregivers for this decision.

In 2017, the Friends of Biodanza Foundation carried out a pilot in which children from the primary school and clients from the nursing home danced together. The reactions were heart warming. Teachers and health care workers saw behavior among the participants that surprised and emotionalized them. The school and the nursing home have invited the dance teachers to come and give more dance. From these results the enthusiasm was born to roll out the initiative in the Hand-in-Hand project.

Pre-announcement project Hand-in-Hand

The Hand-in-Hand project will start in 2018 and aims to establish a non-verbal connection between demented elderly and children through dance, music and pleasure.

Various intergenerational dance initiatives will be initiated, supported and guided. Every dance initiative will consist of a number of dance workshops. Prior to this both groups receive three starting workshops. These workshops are an introduction to the dance within the own group and a preparation for the meetings. The workshops after that are the joint dance experiences. All dance workshops last one hour. With the children, the workshops are preceded by group discussions on topics such as: making contact, the elderly and vulnerability.

The project is accompanied by a study, in which the added value and continuity of these dance workshops is investigated.


Are you interested or do you want to help make a dance initiative possible? Then respond via this email address: handinhand@vriendenvanbiodanza.nl.